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Why is August the best Taylor Swift Song?

August is the best Taylor Swift song, it may be one of the best songs of the 21st Century, or even ever.

But why do I love it so much? And is it just me that feels this strong sense of adoration for it.

Firstly it’s the arrangement and production of the song. The light picked guitar that floats through the track, gradually building with more layers like strings and electric guitar until it reaches a climax in a glorious crescendo.

The other part is the lyrics, and of course the vocal that delivers them. For me, I find the lyrics so relatable. Who hasn’t had someone in their lives for a period of time that meant everything to you in that moment in time, to the point that you were cancelling plans and hoping for that call.

Even after that period of time passes and you move on, there is often still a part of you that wonders if things could go back to how they were, or if the person you were once so besotted with will get back in touch in some way.

Maybe it’s a bit of a millennial thing. Growing up in the modern world I feel I’ve had a life dominated by staring at my phone, hoping people will text me back, seeing what they are up to on Instagram (and then feeling rubbish about it), all the while reminiscing about a time where you were living in the moment (or “for the hope of it all”) instead of simply moving on and finding a new way (or person) to capture our hearts.

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