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Album Review - Unlimited Love - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers make a welcome return with a collection of songs that sound exactly as you’d expect.

The album starts with Black Summer which has nice By The Way era vibes and lush vocal harmonies.

Unsurprisingly, there are few heavily bass led tracks starting with Here Ever After, as well as Aquatic Mouth Dance and The Great Apes.

The album jumps around a lot between fast paced and more mellow songs like Not the One which has a slightly odd school prom slow dance feel, She’s a Lover, Veronica and These Are The Ways which tricks you into think it is a ballad and then converts into a more up-tempo radio friendly song like Foo Fighters.

Let Them Cry leans towards a more traditional Chilis sound, as does Poster Child, Whatchu Thinkin and One Way Traffic which lend themselves to guitar riffs mimicking rap style vocals and some mildly sleazy lyrics.

It may be that the band are sitting in the classic rock genre now, but there’s a couple of songs that sound older than they are. It’s Only Natural has a Lindsay Buckingham influenced sound and Heavy Wing is 90s grunge though the reverb on the vocals makes it sounds even more retro.

Bastards of Light is the heaviest the album gets with guitars and drums driving this. It’s quickly calmed down again though by White Braids & Pillow Chair which has some super nice jazzy chords being used.

The album ends on Tangelo – which is three and a half of minutes of just vocals and guitar. A fitting ending to an eclectic collection of fast and slow, loud and soft songs.

Rating – 5/5
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