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Spotify Blend

Last year myself and my friend, Helena, from work really bonded over our love of alternative music, and so formed a joint playlist of all our grungy favourites.

In December, Spotify Wrapped started to uncover some truths about our music taste when it revealed Taylor Swift as both our most listened to, which was slightly different from the collection of Garbage, Placebo and Cranberries songs we had created.

Helena then decided to end any secrets by creating a Spotify blend playlist that takes what you’re both currently listening to and throws it into a playlist. A word of warning - do not do this with someone who can be overly judgemental of your music taste. Spotify will try to look for common interests but also select something more embarrassing that it seems to think your friend could also get into.

So what did we learn about each other from this?

Helena really likes songs from musicals, especially Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked and Six. I also like some but they all seem to be from Hamilton or Moulin Rouge.

We are both pretty keen on easy-to-listen-to indie bands such as Vampire Weekend and Bombay Bicycle Club.

My friend quite likes sad songs by the likes of Hozier and Gotye whereas my sadness lies in more emo bands like Brand New and My Chemical Romance.

The original bond over 90s music wasn’t a complete lie as Garbage, Hole, Incubus and Creed all feature.

And finally, Helena is Spanish, so she likes Spanish music.

The other cool thing is the playlist refreshes daily, so if you discover a new tune that you can’t get enough of, your friend will probably also discover it too.

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